Vintage Gossip: Tom Cruise's Risky Business Co-star Spills Some Dirt

Tom Cruise's Risky Business co-star Curtis Armstrong has a book coming out, Revenge of the Nerd and talks about filming Risky Business in 1982, the movie that would turn Tom Cruise into a star.

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  • Armstrong recalls Cruise being a goofy, awkward, insecure kid when he was filming Risky Business with him. This was before the super-stardom, before Scientology brainwashing, when he was just "Tom" or "Tom Crewes."

  • He says Tom called him "Miles," his character's name, all throughout shooting and he wasn't sure if it was some weird method thing Tom was doing or because Tom couldn't remember his name (LOL)

  • He said while he never got a real grasp on Tom's personality, he remembers him being completely focused, talented, no-nonsense and with a cold determination to succeed. Tom would however be late to set, but Armstrong said it was hard not to like him, he wasn't arrogant or selfish with his time on set.

  • Armstrong calls the rumors about Tom's sexuality "utterly mystifying" because there was no question which team he played for. He said Tom would have lines of women in their late teens (Tom was 19/20 at the time) at his room door, and he was very promiscuous for a religious guy.

  • Speaking of religious, Tom described himself to Armstrong as a "born-again Christian" who would read the Bible before bed. Armstrong said he believed Tom was incredibly religious. Armstrong worried about the lines of women distracting Tom from his bible studies. "This was a young man who knew something about time management and understood how to successfully juggle Bible study and blow jobs."

  • Tom was also super into his co-star Rebecca De Mornay, whom Armstrong described as mysterious and lovely. De Mornay was dating the much older Harry Dean Stanton, who would hang around the hotel, much to Tom's annoyance. Tom and Rebecca had chemistry but Stanton's presence slowed a hook up. Cruise and Rebecca would eventually engage in an affair, she would leave Stanton and they would be a couple for three-ish years. Stanton, in his autobiography, called Rebecca the love of his life and confirmed Rebecca cheated on and left him for Tom.

  • Armstrong recalled Tom and Sean Penn's close friendship and Tom adored Penn as an actor, considering him one of the best while also finding his talent intimidating. Penn hung around the set constantly and his behavior would negatively rub off on Tom. They would lounge around in their underwear like a Calvin Klein ad.

  • He talks about a tense improv session during rehearsals, when co-star Bronson Pinchot called Tom's character Joel a "slut-fucker." Tom immediately got that this was a personal dig and not a character one and evenly responded he didn't fuck sluts. Bronson pushed him more, saying he imagined actually that he, Tom, had fucked several. Tom didn't find it funny and Bronson had to jump back into character to calm the situation.

  • The last time he saw Tom was in 1983, when Tom and Rebecca invited him to their luxury hotel for lunch.