Riverdale Roundup: Table Read, Episode Titles, Cast Sightings & More

The cast gathered to do a table read of the first three episodes. All the regulars (plus Reggie's new actor, Charles Melton) are gathered with the exception of Luke Perry (whose character will probably in the hospital or hopefully dead), Skeet Ulrich (whose character will probably be in jail for awhile), and Ashleigh Murray (who is currently filming a movie in New York, but the writers would probably continue to neglect her even if she wasn't)

But for the most part, everyone is in Vancouver or heading there as filming starts tomorrow!

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Both the show and Cole Sprouse managed to snag prestigious Teen Choice Award nominations. I'm betting lots of Bughead/Sprousehart people will be spamming the votes

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Some of the cast were at the MMVA's

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the show comes back October 11. I'm ready for this mess