Britney: no new music this year, Beyonce is fierce and she would like to collab with her

From one Queen B to another! Britney gave a rare interview to Bangok Post ahead of her two sold-out shows in the city on the 23rd and 24th of this month and here are some interesting tidbits from the interview:

-Enjoyed X Factor but would never do something like that again.
-Wanted to bring a taste of her Vegas show to Asia for the fans that can't make it there.
-She's constantly working on new music but currently has no plans to release something this year.
-Says it's hard being away from her boys on this tour but she speaks to them on the phone every day.
-When asked about an artist that's on her "collaboration wishlist" she responded with Beyonce, adding that she's "so fierce" and that her music is "amazing".

Here's Britney talking about her experience with the Japanese audiences and greeting her Thai fans

Also if you wanna know what you've been missing out, check out some professional footage from Britney's show


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