YouTube Post: Beauty Gurus Go Glamorously Grappling 

April 28: Jackie Aina created an anti-haul (the tag created by Kimberly Clark) video saying that she was not going to buy Jeffree Star’s products due to his anti-black and misogynistic comments and his non-apology, saying that he made those comments a long time ago though he said some cruel things toward MakeupbyShayla. The infamous that Stephanie Nicole created with his racist comments is linked in the sources below. 

Jackie and Jeffree have gone on some brands trips together, including Jouer and Jackie wanted to keep things cordial on the trips even though she did not support his brand. 

Jeffree then blocked Jackie on Twitter which Jackie revealed in a screenshot. Jeffree then proceeded to call her an “irrelevant rat” and made accusations that she hadn’t paid her taxes in three years which he deleted but the internet is forever. (He didn’t specify state or federal.) 

Not long ago, Tati received an ugly handbag from Jeffree. (remember, even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes) and now they are buddy buddy. Many of her subscribers were disappointed that she was hanging out and working with Jeffree. They made a video trying on a $5000 sheet mask togetherand she pinned a Ghandi Christian Warrior comment on her channel about the Jeffree and Jackie ordeal which I had to dig deep for.

The video has received a lot of dislikes and her subscribers and other commenters have called her out because she has been deleting comments that she did not like. 

URGENT: While interrupting my draft process, Jeffree has promised to address his “haters”. No mention if Tati will join.  

Y’all this is my first post, be nice lol. Despite people thinking makeup is not comparable serious ordeals, I think it is important to highlight the pull that gurus have over subscribers and the racism in the beauty community. Thanks mods for being patient with me - I hope this works!

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