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Did Scarlett Johansson accidentally confirmed that Netflix/TV Avengers WILL appear in Infinity War??

- Scarlett Johansson was on Colbert and obviously he asked about Infinity Wars (starts at 8:09).
- She revealed that the movie features 61-62 Marvel characters.
- The same number was leaked by the Russo's months ago, and Marvel PR tried to do damage control by saying it was a random number, yet Scarlett confirmed this again.
- She mentions in one scene, (probably the final battle) there are around 32 characters together.
- So here's the list of Avengers/actors confirmed for the final movie:

1. Iron Man
2. Captain America
3. Thor
4. The Hulk
5. Hawkeye
6. Black Widow
7. Spiderman
8. Scarlett Witch
9. Vision
10. Winter Soldier
11. Falcon
12. Ant-Man
13. Black Panther
14. Okoye (not an actual Avenger, so she might not be in the scene).
15. Dr. Strange
16. Wong (not an actual Avenger, so he might not be in the scene).
17. Starlord
18. Gamora
19. Nebula
20. Groot
21. Drax
22. Rocket Racoon
23. Mantis
24. Captain Marvel
25. Valkyrie (not an actual Avenger, so she might not be in the scene).
26. Nick Furynot (an actual Avenger, so he might not be in the scene).

That leaves many empty spots for Avengers we haven't seen yet... or have we...

27. Daredevil?
28. Jessica Jones?
29. Luke Cage?
30. Iron Fist?
31. Coulson?
32. Skye?

And who else are those missing 30 Marvel characters? Even if they're supporting actors, most people are already in this list so... are we meeting A LOT more Avengers in Infinity War? Are Cloak, Dagger, other Agents of Shield, The Inhumans, the Runaways, Squirrel Girl and New Warriors also joining 'Infinity War'??


ONTD, which characters do you want to see in 'Infinity War'?? I wanna see every single character there is EXCEPT FUCKING NAZI ASSASSIN WARD.
Tags: agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. (abc), daredevil / the defenders (netflix), marvel, nerd alert, netflix, scarlett johansson, television - abc, television - freeform, television - hulu, the avengers
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