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LAURA DERN talks current beauty faves, Twin Peaks, & generally just what it's like to be LAURA DERN

shares her some of fave skincare discoveries, answers some random questions, and what it's like to work with David Lynch.

"While getting her hair and makeup done before the premiere of Twin Peaks, Laura Dern stops for a second and calls attention to the song that is playing (“Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak). “Isn’t this from Wild at Heart?” she asks, referring to the film she made more than 27 years ago with David Lynch."

although wasn't part of the original cast of Twin Peaks, she has been one of David Lynch's muses since the 80s. She's worked with him every decade since Blue Velvet (1986). Wild at Heart (1990), Inland Empire (2006) - a role for which David Lynch personally campaigned for an Oscar nom for her, infamously using a cow on Hollywood Blvd - and now, Twin Peaks (2017).

VENUE: home in Brentwood
THE LOOK: Dress and shoes by Rodarte, rings by Bvlgari

when asked if she's into beauty when not on set:
she loves skincare, her makeup artist is Simone Siegl and she's become obsessed with her "side job" of finding new products. she always goes for natural makeup, and usually cares more about skin health. she's really into coconut oil, face oils, and brands like Sisley, Dayle Breault, and iS Clinical.

what it's like having a long history with David Lynch and being part of the Twin Peaks revival:
she basically drops everything for Lynch if he calls her, and goes where Lynch tells her he needs her. she doesn't even think about what job or what it is first.

when asked what her favourite place in L.A. is:
santa monica! her grandmother lived in santa monica, and she enjoys how beautiful, broken, and nostalgic it is for her.

when asked what her getting-ready soundtrack is:
she likes to combine music and scents, and usually what she wants to wear and listens to changes constantly. she's an alternative rock fan, and looves The Verve.

her ideal dinner date?
men don't make her laugh, so she likes going to dinner with her kids. but says it would be a nice change if a gentleman took her out, lmao.

favourite pre-game beverage?
matcha green tea.

inspiration for the makeup revolved around her dress - super cool, edgy, and busy, so Simone Seigl wanted to keep her skin fresh, clean, and simple. he used: Sisley Black Rose Mask, Sisley Black Rose Oil, and La Mer Crème de La Mer.

Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Fluid Foundation was used to give a really fresh and clean complexion. then Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic in Ecstasy was applied to the apple of her cheeks for a bit of shimmer and brightness.

on eyes, the Viserat palette was used, and her eyes were contoured with liner for "frame". lashes were finished off with Chanel Inimitable Mascara and lastly, La Mer Lip Balm & Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Bitch Perfect were used on her lips.

because the dress has a lot going on, Richard Martin wanted to keep things fresh, messy, and with texture. sea salt spray (O Way) was used, blow dried, and then her hair was flat ironed with two different irons. a wave iron, and then her hair was bent. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray was used as the finishing touch.


WEEKEND BEAUTY POST? what are your fave summer skincare and makeup products? (omg I made it as short as I could, mods)
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