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ana lily amirpour humiliates black movie-goer during "the bad batch" q&a

  • a q&a session was held in chicago for the screening of amirpour's latest film, the bad batch.

  • bianca xiunse, who asked the question that set amirpour off, describes the plot of the film as "a post-apocalyptic/dystopian future where people cannibalized one another as a means of survival. The world is a dehydrated wasteland, so people are the only source of nutrients."

  • when asked abt the gratuitous violence the black characters faced in the film, xiunse shared that amirpour,

  • "After she heard my question three times, (twice by me, and once from the moderator), Amirpour interrupts me. She asks me once again what my question was and then dismisses me by saying “I don’t make a film to tell you a message,” and the crowd cheers. She then shrugs it off with a “Sorry.”

    I have never felt such embarrassment in my life, so I slinked away from the mic humiliated. I walked out of the Q&A and deduced that the movie is racist. People hugged me and said they were proud of my bravery in the lobby after the screening ended."

  • when also asked by the moderator of the q&a abt casting jason momoa, who is of native hawaiian descent, as a latino named "miami man" in the film, "Amirpour shrugged off the colorblind casting simply as, “I love Miami,” which is where she grew up. She never considered the implications of what it means to cast someone racially ambiguous like Momoa to play someone of an ethnicity he doesn’t identify with. Nor did she bring attention to the uncomfortable “generic Latinx accent” he was directed to speak in."

although xiunse mentions that armirpour has since offered her an apology "in private" (presumably through dms), she remains suspiciously unapologetic of her response to xiunse's legitimate question on twitter:

and just in case anyone thinks this sort of behavior is new for armirpour:

src one | src two | src three

the main source currently has a full interview with bianca as she has since locked her twitter after amirpour's stans started to attack her. she also gives more details abt the specific violence in the movie that unsettled her but fair warning, there are major movie spoilers.

Tags: film director, race / racism
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