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It Runs In The Family: Khloe Kardashian Put On Blast For Stealing From Black Woman

As you may already know, Kylie Jenner was recently caught for lifting her new clothing line designs from a black woman who owns her own clothing store @PLUGGEDNYC. What some of you may not know is, Khloe Kardashian was put on blast just a couple days prior for pulling the same stunt on another black woman.

Destiney Bleu is a black dancer turned entrepreneur who owns and runs her own clothing store by the name of dbleudazzled. Her stuff has been seen on the likes of Beyonce at the Formation World Tour, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. Odds are, you have probably seen her stuff on favorite artists or in a Vogue Italia.

Given her credentials, it comes as no surprise that her stuff caught Khloe Kardashian's eye. You see, Khloe had her people hit up Destiney to request an order for one of each item in her inventory + customized stuff. Destiney says she was thrilled and looked forward to seeing Khloe publicly wearing her clothes since it would be great promotion. However, that never occurred because according to Destiney, Khloe was stocking up on all of Bleu's work to replicate for her own clothing line. This soon became clear when Bleu watched a clip that Khloe had posted to Twitter providing a sneak peek into her Good American new line.

Bleu tweets:

By denying that they even knew of Bleu and by issuing a cease and desist letter of course!

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