The Chainsmokers say Lady Gaga beef taught them a 'lesson'

Grammy winning duo The Chainsmokers are not only topping the charts, they are also trying to stay on top of their attitudes as well. The duo, who's recent album Memories...Do Not Open is one of 2017's best selling albums. Recently the edm hacks found themselves in a bit of heat. It all started when they stated cold hard facts saying that Lady Gaga's song Perfect Illusion fucking sucked, which it did. “We’ve since reached out to her and explained, because it was really taken out of context. We were talking about how much we respect her as an artist and everything she’s done but that I’m just not a fan of her new song. Of course it came out just so much worse.”, said one of the Chainsmokers idk which one. “I felt bad. I don’t think it’s cool to make those sort of judgments anyway. Keep it to yourself,” one of them added.


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Gags should consider working with them since her Amy Grant inspired Christian song "The Cure", didn't cure anything.