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The One Problem With Wonder Woman (And All Superhero Flicks)

Wonder Woman’s bisexuality is essential to her superhero identity. Not that Wonder Woman must be in a relationship with a woman but that it is important to say she isn’t leaving her home because it would be impossible for her to find love otherwise. Her relationship with a man should be a wonderful side effect of her true reason for leaving — to make the world a better place.

While Gadot has a one-off joke that “men aren’t necessary for pleasure,” the movie quickly consummates the two leads’ love with no mention of any prior relationships for Wonder Woman.

Instead of focusing on a healthy relationship between two bisexual characters, 2016’s Suicide Squad film chose instead to focus on the “straighter” relationship between Harley and the Joker.

Honestly, it’s truly horrifying that Hollywood would rather try to sell an abusive “straight” relationship as romantic over showing a bisexual woman in a healthy same-sex relationship. The nuance of Harley’s character as a trauma survivor, discussed through a bisexual lens, is completely lost on-screen as a result.

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