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Miley Cyrus discusses her "new vibe" and awful hair

103.5 KTU: "I was expecting a unicorn onesie or something like that."
Miley Cyrus: "This is my new vibe. It feels very weird when your main thing is you preach is 'be yourself', but then you feel like you're not being yourself anymore. So this is as bland as I can be and just kinda be more my own self than to hide as a unicorn."

- Interviewer catches her complimenting him out of obligation

- Her explanation for her hair is "you just grow it out and it just magically becomes this weird line."

- Interviewer says most of her choreography is all upper-body, to which Miley nods and says, "I have no foot work and no balance"

- [2:18] When asked if Bangerz was a phase, "I think everything I do isn't really a phase, it's just the, you know, it may be the time in your life--", the interviewer then interrupts her bs and just yells out, "the tongue, I'm talkin' about the tongue." He then begins to list other things from her Bangerz era, like the tongue slide, the hotdog, and Miley stumbles over her answers, where she tries to be comedic. "I never use the same hotdog twice [holds mic away] except my boyfriend."

- The balloons represent where she is, "colourful" and "very free", and the interviewer asks who the intern is who has to blow up 5 million balloons lmao

- Says she actually really likes Adam Levine a lot, when addressing fued rumours

- Says Ariana Grande helped her with her Happy Hippie Foundation "without even the blink of an eye", so she did Manchester for her, then stans how Ari's been handling her response to the tragedy

- Her one and only feature on her record so far is her frog

I love this interviewer lmao, he doesn't gaf
Tags: adam levine / maroon 5, ariana grande, flop, interview, miley cyrus, the voice (nbc / international)

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