Noel Gallagher Donated "Don't Look Back In Anger" Royalties To Manchester Victims Fund

Speaking on the Evening Show at Radio X tonight (6 June), host Gordon Smart explained: "I've seen some unpleasant headlines about Noel and why he never played the gig in Manchester at the weekend.

"It's only right to point out, and I don't think this is public knowledge because I'm sure he would never mentioned it, but I found out today that as soon as Don't Look Back in Anger started to appear spontaneously at the vigils, he made sure all the royalties went to the families. That was before any gig was mentioned.

"It seems wrong to me that Noel's getting a hard time for a reunion he was never part of. It's a shame any attention at all has been taken away from a really special occasion at Old Trafford. But there you go, true fact. He gave his blessing for the songs without any drama at all.

"Loads of amazing musicians from Manchester couldn't play the gig, but none of them have been dug out. All that has come from that night is good will from most people."

Chris Martin from Coldplay took to twitter to thank Noel for allowing Coldplay to sing the iconic song and Liam as well for their joint performance of "Live Forever".

This all comes after brother Liam criticized Noel for not attending the show (even though Liam himself was only added last minute to the lineup). Read about it on ONTD

A lot of people were giving Noel shit for not being there, even though he's been on vacation with his family, so I thought I would go ahead and post this.
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