"Ariana, I'm Sorry" - Piers Morgan Apologizes to Ariana for Criticizing Her After Manchester Bombing

   - Piers Morgan criticized Ari for flying home to Florida after her concert was bombed
   - He's now apologizing after she went back to Manchester and visited wounded children in the hospital and then gave an amazing concert one day after the London Bridge attack
    - "I watched the concert last night and it was a staggeringly moving and inspiring event. And at the centre of it all was you, Ariana Grande"
    - "By coming back to Manchester so soon, shrugging off the latest attack in London, standing on that stage and performing with such raw emotion and power, you showed more guts, resilience, strength of character and ‘Blitz spirit’ than every snivelling, pathetic ISIS coward put together.And you certainly showed a damn sight more compassion than I ever showed you."
    - Ms Grande, I’d have you in the trenches next to me any time. I’m sorry I questioned your courage. You’re one helluva gutsy young lady.

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Did you watch the concert last night ONTD?

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