Mayim Bialik advocates against open relationships; says women aren't biologically wired for them

Mayim Bialik has uploaded a new YouTube video laying out why she doesn't "get" open relationships.

-"The notion of men spreading their seed is kind of an over-simplified and misogynistic take on our species, and with open relationships, women too can spread their seed. It's liberating for women to be seen as equal sexual participants, rather than the object of men's whims. I get that, too. Here's what I don't get about open relationships, though: people in open relationships are exchanging one cultural construct for another — that of equating male and female sexuality. But as a scientist, I'm here to ruin everybody's good time and to tell you that the assumption that male and female sexuality can be treated pretty much the same is in direct opposition to our biology."

-She goes on to regurgitate the brand new, never-before-heard argument that since men produce a lot of sperm and women only produce one egg per menstrual cycle, men are naturally inclined to have sex with a lot of women while women are inclined to look for one mate.

-"Take home message: Lean in to your biology."

-Says that people in open relationships are more prone to getting STDs, because "people aren't protecting themselves."

-Says open relationships are too hard to maintain because she can barely maintain a monogamous relationship.