Demi Lovato is still feuding with Kathy Griffin

After Kathy Griffin's weird press conference yesterday, Demi Lovato tweeted out her take on the situation.

She also liked this tweet her Trump-supporting mom made that quotes a video where Kathy said she'll continue making fun of the president:

The animosity appears to have arisen from a series of jokes Kathy made in some stand up sets about the incident where Demi punched a back-up dancer in the face on a plane.Kathy apparently suggested that normal people who assault people go to jail and don't get to just go off to rehab and come out with a repaired image.

Previously the LAPD had to get involved after many Lovatics started sending Kathy death and rape and arson threats after she called Demi 'Debbie' and answered Demi Lovato when someone asked her who has been the biggest douche celebrity she's met.

ONTD, do you think Kathy Griffin bullied Donald Trump?