Jon Hamm says being single "sucks"


  • Jon Hamm, 46, broke up with longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt in 2015. They were together for eighteen years.

  • He says, “It’s hard. It’s hard to be single after being together for a long time. It’s really hard. It sucks.”

  • The couple split after Hamm completed rehab for alcohol abuse. Hamm says that Westfeldt was by his side throughout the treatment.

  • A source says that at the time of the split, Jennifer was "more like a manager or a mother to the actor than a girlfriend." The same source went on to say that she kept him on a "tight leash," and that she "would also take care of him and support him" when things got hard.

  • Hamm says that he is "certainly damaged."

  • He mentions going to therapy: "But if you look at the history of my life, it’s not great. When your mom dies when you’re 9, and your dad dies when you’re 20, and then you live on couches in other people’s basements … I mean, there’s certainly a version of that person who does not come out of it as successfully as I have."


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