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Lord and Savior Patty Jenkins talks Wonder Woman

-There are NO CUT SCENES. They followed the script very closely as she did with Monster (who also had no cut scenes) WB really wants to try to put cut scenes in there (trying to get that Extended Edition I see)

-There is a slightly different No Mans Land walk scene.

-The lies on twitter about the film being a hot mess were extremely frustrating to her but she had to learn to tune them out

-Wonder Woman killing wasn't a hot topic, she kills if she absolutely has to and agrees that when push comes to shove sometimes you have to (when talking about Superman/Batman letting their bad guys constantly get locked up only to break out again and kill more people)

-Likes her Wonder Woman to be less violent and even have less violence since Wonder Woman doesn't relish in fighting

-Thinks that Wonder Woman is around 800 years old but yes they have had those conversations about her age (Snyder stated that WW was 5000 years old)

-Dianas powers are growing so it is possible that she will one day be able to fly

-She is not bullet proof but not easily killed by bullets due to her faster healing rate

-Already has ideas forming in her head for a sequel

-Film is still standing at a 94% with over 238 reviews (only 60 away from Logan who currently stands at 93%)

-Wonder Woman is expected to take in $98 million over the weekend

-Is one of the few DC movies with an A cindemascore. Only other DC films to get that score were Batman, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises

Ok ladies, now let's get in formation.
@gal_gadot #PattyJenkins

(she also reposted Lupitas lovely review)

Female lead. Female director. Female empowerment. #wonderwoman #warriorwithin #diversity #LovedIt #diverseCast

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