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Kathy Griffin holds Press Conference about Trump Bullying

Today, Kathy Griffin held a press conference with her attorney Lisa Bloom, as well as a criminal lawyer. She discussed the incident posing with (a replica of) Trump's severed head, and the ensuing blowback.

Key takeaways:
- She feels that Trump and his family are honestly trying to ruin her. She said he 'broke' her.
- She said they are trying to get her banned for life from CNN
- She has had numerous shows cancelled, and lost nearly all of her jobs. 5 upcoming shows were cancelled, so far.
- She is under a current Secret Service investigation for this incident
- She has been getting specific and credible death threats constantly
- She says it is unprecedented for a sitting President to target a comedian in this way and that's why she is taking a stand against the bullying
- Her big argument is that satire is protected and allowed.
- She said that the photo in question was taken at the end of a day of shooting silly photos and they decided to do something 'to get people talking.' She stands by Tyler Shields, and likes that his work 'goes there.'
- She said 'this is about a bunch of old white guys trying to silence' her

New video source

Thoughts, ONTD?
Tags: celebrity feud, donald trump, kathy griffin, politics

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