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5 thing you should know about Wonder Woman

1. Her Debut
-Wonder Woman made her first debut in 1942 All-Stars comic with the description "As lovely as Aphrodite — as wise as Athena — with the speed of Mercury and the strength of Hercules — she is known only as Wonder Woman."

-She was the first female superhero to have her own comic book along with the first female in a team up book Justice Society of America long before Superman or Batman would join the team before spinning off into Justice League of America

-Readers were asked to vote if Wonder Woman should be allowed to join the JSA

2. First big changes
-In 1954 the Comics Code Authority was created to police comic books which lead to Wonder Woman being geared more towards romance then feminism

-WWs co-creator was pushed off the book in 1958 and her first shift in origin would be seen

-Wonder Woman now was gifted her powers from the gods (as opposed to her being a normal Amazon) and would gain the power of flight. Wonder Girl was also created during this time

3. First attempt at Tv
-Before we got Lynda Carters iconic Wonder Woman series, there was "Whose Afraid of Diana Prince?"

-The series would focus on Diana as Diana Prince living with her mother who was unhappy that Diana was not yet married

4. Wonder Woman gets animated
-Wonder Woman made her first animated debut in 1972 on the Brady Bunch animated series

-The following year she would go on to star in Superfriends

-After 1988, Wonder Woman would not be seen in an animated series again until 2001s Justice League due legal troubles that stipulated that she had to be the star or co-star in anything animated. This would extend to her sidekick Wonder Girl as well.

5.Wonder Woman gets rebooted
-In 1987 Wonder Woman got her first major reboot thanks to DCs Crisis on Infinite Earts

-George Perez would go on to bring about the most iconic version of the character yet with him reintroducing the Greek Gods to Dianas world and making her an ambassador of peace for the Amazons

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