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Celeb Political Tweets Round Up: #JaredIsSoBusted, Hillary's Speech, + Trump doing Trump things

+ Reuters and WaPo dropped bombshell reports yesterday about the White House's evil son-in-law, Jare-Jare Binks. Jared had communicated with the Russian ambassador and wanted to setup secret communication channels between the Trump transition team and Moscow. Jared omitted this meeting from his SF-86 security clearance form. He's been in contact with Kislyak three times and they were undisclosed. Basically, Jare-Jare may have committed espionage. In the words of Ivanka, Jared is so busted!

+ Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, refuses to do Ramadan celebration at State Department. He's breaking a 20 year tradition. FAUXTUS also released a statement on Ramadan which was basically entirely about terrorism.

+ Hillary Clinton, POTUS on Earth 2, gave the commencement speech at Wellesley College. She spoke about numerous things and also dragged FAUXTUS for all the dumb things he's done like possible obstruction of justice, lying about crowd sizes, firing ONTD BF Comey, etc..

sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Tags: celebrity reactions, donald trump, j.k. rowling, politics, silicon valley (hbo), wil wheaton

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