Grey's Anatomy finale recap

Owen and Amelia left to see "Megan" as she couldn't land on the hospital helipad because of the fire.
Meredith told Riggs that Megan was alive. He was in utter disbelief and ecstatic but apologized to her for what this means for them. Mer said it's OK and told him to go to her.
Minnick got fired by Bailey because she would rather follow protocol then look for Edwards and the missing girl and save their lives.
Alex came back on told Mer he didn't confront Jo's husband and the trip was a waste (what was even the point?)
After Maggie confronted Jackson Jackson for going in a burning building to look for Edwards, in front of April, April realized that the two had feelings for each other and gave Maggie her blessing. (ew, aren't they technically siblings?)
Steph was able to escape the fire with the little girl but suffered a lot of burns. She later quit her job because she wants to live for self.
The episode ends with Amelia and Owen looking at "Megan" being taken out of a helicopter onto a gurney