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Beauty Blender Dupe Harassing Youtubers

@xosparkage, one of the original youtube beauty guru's posted a vid on a beauty blender dupe, giving them a rather bad review. They responded,

“Hi @xosparkage! We just saw your video and would love to give you a demo on how to properly use the blender. The beauty editors for Cosmo, BuzzFeed, Hello Giggles, and Elle Mag all love our blender (and have written unpaid reviews raving about us after properly using it correctly). It is important that the blender is not used the way you did because you can confuse a lot of customers who might believe you are also a beauty expert. Second, you wouldn't claim a bike doesn't work because you fell on the first try! This is a new patent pending innovation that requires some practice. We have never and would never claim to be the replacement for a Beauty Blender because it's made out of foam. Angie, the founder makes herself available via DM to answer questions and do personal video demos for people like you who may experience a hard time.”

She decided to give a second go,

Ftr Nikkietutorials also gave them a horrible review:

However they claim to be all positive

evieblender@evieblender believes in staying positive and building a community of supporters instead of resorting to negative drama. WE BELIEVE IN POSTING 100% HONEST REVIEWS. We have repeatedly said that our original PSA videos were NOT about honest reviews of our product, and we are not asking anyone to take down their negative reviews. We realize that some people will not use the Evie Blender. We have never and will never personally attack a blogger or influencer for posting opinion product reviews because we fully support the review process! There are countless positive reviews of the Evie Blender too! WE HAVE NOT SENT ANY CEASE AND DESIST LETTERS FROM OUR LAWYERS AT THIS POINT. We've only reached out to THOSE TELLING LIES AND ACCUSING US OF ATTACKING THEM, PERSONALLY, WHEN WE DID NOT to try to work this out amicably before taking further steps to stop the lies that are attacking our character as a good, honest company making a great product!

they have horrid comments on their IG post.

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Uhhh Make Up post anyone ?
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