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Ryan Tedder Talks About Working With Huge Stars

Ryan Tedder (songwriter, record producer, and lead vocalist of pop rock band OneRepublic) sat down with Access Hollywood to discuss in concise detail what it's like working with Adele, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, and Selena Gomez.


Adele ('Rumor Has It')

• He wasn't down to write any ballads, so they did something tempo
• Adele sang the entire song in one take

Taylor Swift ('Welcome to New York' & 'I know Places')

• Describes her as "goes beyond talented"
• She sent him voice memos of her on the piano, communicating how she's hearing a song
• "With Taylor, you function more as an editor. She has a million ideas, and you're more like, 'this one, not that one', because she's so good."
• Says, for Taylor, you're more producing than writing songs, "she can write everything by herself."

Camila Cabello

• Says she's one of the best new up-and-coming artists
• Didn't have crazy expectations, since, "[on girl groups] you don't know what to expect; it's like, you're one fourth or fifth of a girl group, I have no idea how talented you are. And [Fifth Harmony] was manufactured."
• Says Camila is a phenomenal lyricist who wants her music to have a nod to her Cuban origin

Selena Gomez

• "Sweetheart, amazing, the nicest," also says she is "so calm and confident"
• She knows what she wants, "if she doesn't believe it, or feel it, she's not singing it. She's not keeping it."
• Can't predict what will make her album, but is ecstatic about the tracks they worked on
• She will have a different sound
• Doesn't want to go into much detail, but says they "did a very, very heartfelt, goosebumpy mid-tempo."

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