ONTD Original: 5 Modern Sequel Songs

Britney Spears, Stronger. Sequel to ...Baby One More Time

Part I: We are introduced to Britney as a young girl who regrets breaking up with her boyfriend in '...Baby One More Time'; she is sad and lost and admits that her loneliness is killing her.

Part II: Britney comes out with her head held high in her sequel, Stronger, where she is not having any of her boyfriend's cheating ways. She decides that she is better off not only without him, but on her own in no-man's-land as an individual.

Christina Aguilera, Still Dirrty. Sequel to Dirrty

Part I: Xtina, 21 years old at the time of filming, stripped her bubblegum pop girl persona to release this filthy comeback; she got down and 'Dirrty' in the club and didn't take a second to shy away from it.

Part II: Christina came up with the jazz/pop fusion album 'Back To Basics', where she played with a classy old-Hollywood aesthetic. She recorded a glorious sequel track, 'Still Dirrty', to keep us in check and to remind us all that she is more than meets the eye. If you want some more sexy? She's "still got that freak" in her.

Eminem, Bad Guy. Sequel to Stan

Part I: A story about a fan named 'Stan'; Eminem's biggest fan writes a number of letters to his idol, getting frustrated with Em's lack of response as the track continues on. Stan's obsession leads him to a murder-suicide shortly before Eminem finds the time to respond, where he drives drunk over a bridge with his pregnant girlfriend in the trunk.

Part II: Stan's younger brother, Matthew Mitchell, developed an obsession with Eminem of his own. In contrast to his older brother, Matthew actually wants revenge against Eminem for what happened to Stan. Matthew has Eminem in the trunk of his vehicle, looking for a place to bury him alive, and savoring in the idea of Eminem being killed by M and M.

The Pretty Reckless, Going to Hell. Sequel to Goin' Down

Part I: 'Goin' Down' tells us a story about a girl who kills and circumcises her cheating boyfriend - a confession she spills to Father. However, she begins to regret the murder after she realized he was the best lay she'd ever had. That, and, well... the cops are after her. She begs to be saved by God.

Part II: Busted! She's out of jail and revisits Father to basically give in to the acceptance that she is totally 'Going to Hell'.

The Jonas Brothers, Much Better. Sequel to Taylor Swift's Forever & Always

Part I: Enter a broken-hearted Taylor Swift. Her and Joe Jonas dated 10 years ago; Taylor saw him slipping away from her, despite claiming their love will be 'Forever and Always', but he ended the relationship through a phone call that didn't even last half a minute. Based on a true story.

Part II: Don't you hate it when the sequel changes the director? Here we get the perspective of Joe Jonas after their breakup. He makes it very clear that he is done with "country stars" (original lyric is 'superstars', which he changed in concert), since he found a girl who is 'Much Better'. Oh, and he isn't bitter!

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