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Travis Scott is being sued by his ex-managers for unpaid fees

  • It looks like Kylie Jenner has a type: guys who don't pay their bills

  • Travis Scott signed a 3-year deal with LCAR management in October 2014 that said they get 15% of anything he makes in entertainment

  • Travis owes them $2 million in unpaid fees, but he's only paid $37k

  • LCAR has been tryinig to get their money since 2015, but all they've got is letters from Travis' attornerys saying that they're no longer needed

  • Travis' reps say that he felt like he was managing himself, so he left for better management and feels like he shouldn't have to pay LCAR since they didn't hold up their part of the contract by being good managers

  • Travis' "sources" also say that they think the lawsuit is stupid since Lyor Cohen, the head of LCAR, is also head of global music at YouTube

Source: Twitter
Tags: kardashian / jenner, music / musician (rap and hip-hop)

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