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STARZ - AMERICAN GODS Behind The Scenes Featurette + Mr. Nancy Sneak Peek & More

A behind-the-scenes discussion about the infamous Bilquis scene and more from the premiere

Another look at the season ahead with some new scenes, so avoid if you want to stay spoiler-free =)

The video won't embed here, but check the link above to see a sneak peek of Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy [Spoiler (click to open)]speaking to a ship full of slaves and warning them of what they can expect life will be like in America. He's going to be amazing in this role.

Orlando Jones sat down with Syfy Wire to discuss his new role as Mr. Nancy, him working again with Bryan Fuller, and how much input he gives in how to portray his character on the show.

Orlando Jones had previously worked with Fuller on Pushing Daisies guest starring as one of The Norwegians :

Kristin Chenoweth, another Pushing Daisies alum, spoke about how it felt to be reunited with Fuller, her character's shaky relationship with Jesus, and what she's looking forward to the audience seeing down the line.

Each week, EW will host an aftershow discussion with hosts Marc Snetiker, and Mr. Nancy himself, Orlando Jones, and feature cast and crew from the show. Click the link above for a video! This week's guests are Ricky Whittle (Shadow Moon) and Yetide Badaki (Bilquis).

Topics include Ricky's first experience with working with blue/green screen effects, a very interesting discussion regarding Bilquis and the "empty calories/empty worship" she's reduced to relying upon in order to survive, and we also get a glimpse of "Orlandra" (Orlando's inner black woman on set).

Next week we'll also be meeting Media and some new shots of her have surfaced as the iconic Lucy.

I can't wait for her to say that line.

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Happy to see both Ricky and Orlando finding success after their mistreatment on their respective last projects. So excited for next week!

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