stupid sexy Flanders. (jellycar) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
stupid sexy Flanders.

Chris Pratt thinks he might be a mansplainer

And doesn't believe in aliens.

In a new interview, the former funny man was asked a number of different questions that you can view in the video above, but to get a taster of what he said:

- Pratt was asked if he believes in aliens: "My guess is our understanding of the cosmos is completely wrong. Whatever we think is right, is not. I'm confident in that, but, no, I don't believe in aliens."

- He was also asked what one thing annoys his wife, Anna Faris, at home: "My guess is, and she would never tell me this, but I think I'm a mansplainer. Every once in a while I'll say, "Oh - was I just mansplaining just now?" And she goes, "No, honey."

- and the final question was a FMK - Pizza, alcohol and Chris Evans: "I'd marry Chris Evans, kill alcohol, and fuck pizza. I think Chris and I would be really happy together."


Have you ever been mansplained, ONTD?
Tags: chris evans, chris pratt, conspiracy theories, nobody

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