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Masi Oka couldn't find an Asian actor speak Perfect English .

Producer , Actor Masi Oka (Heroes ,Hawaii Five O) responds to casting contriversy of Netflix Death Note movie .

He argues that it wasn’t a business decision to cast Nat Wolff and Margaret Qualley in lead roles Instead, it was a creative one,

“Our casting directors did an extensive search to get Asian actors, but we couldn’t find the right person, the actors we did go to didn’t speak the perfect English… and the characters had been rewritten,” he said.

“They could have gone [with an] Asian [actor], I can’t deny that. The studios were adamant about trying to cast Asian actors. I mean, this was a difficult one. It was something we were definitely conscious about.”

Oka further explained. “So if you’re trying to make the Hollywood version that already has a version in Japanese, then it’s like, where do you draw the line?” ( FYI There is Hollywood remake The Girl with the dragon tattoo set in Sweden )

He pauses. “I do think it’s case by case… It’s not, ‘Oh, we’re definitely not going to hire Asians.’ Sometimes, someone just walks in and it’s like, ‘That’s the guy’ or ‘that’s the girl’ or sometimes it’s a totally different interpretation, and that’s amazing,” he says. “At the end of the day, you cast what’s best for the role and what makes sense for that adaptation.”

ONTD , Do you believe Him ?   Do you Speak "the Perfect English " ?

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