I'll see your fiasco and raise you a debacle. (t3pps) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
I'll see your fiasco and raise you a debacle.

Benzino The Salad-Tossing Sex Machine

Another day, another dollar, another D-List celebrity sex tape released to the internet.

Move over Dustin Diamond, former co-owner of The Source Ray "Benzino" Scott is trying to take your spot. While I will give Zino points for his, ahem, ass munching technique I am going to have to deduct a few from his total score since there is no man meat any where to been seen.

Where's the beef? Shout out to the homie Miss Info for dropping this "jewel."

Click here to watch. *NSFW*

Last year, Benzino accused Miss Info AKA 'Ching Chong Sl*t' at Hot 97 of "guzzling nuts" while she was a Source Magazine intern. Passing around a tape with Benzino tossing salad is the payback.

Sources: 1 2

After all the non-sex of Pariscarriage, I thought ONTD could use some real sex.
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