Lea Michele Talks Food

Lea Michele is in London performing and promoting, and she visited Sunday Brunch, where they made Dulce de Leche pudding! The hosts say she's weird, and asks her random questions about her based on their research;

"Apparently you've always had cheese as a pre-show snack when you were on Broadway, is that true?" Lea corrects him, "that was post-show! Because when you're a singer, you can't have it before the show, and cheese is my favourite food."

- Her snack is frozen gummy bears, her favourite flavour is the pineapple / clear bear, but will eat the entire bowl
- She loves to cook healthy, but "today's a cheat day"
- Jonathan Groff once made her laugh so hard, she peed herself before singing in front of Obama
- They talk about toilet paper for... too long

- All of the songs are original / no covers
- The album focuses more on being timeless and she hopes it's still listenable for years to come
- Says she's grateful for her 'patient and amazing' fans and is glad they let her do what she does, "when I walked onto the stage, I started to cry just because I've been waiting so long to get here, and I finally am. And I was so happy."
- Is asked about her early life and timeline: "I've been working, basically consistently, ever since I did four Broadway shows from 8 [years old] until 23, and then Glee from 23 until... twenty--*clears throat, laughs*"
- They show her a clip from Glee (Walking on Sunshine/Halo mashup) and she "remembers it like it was yesterday", says her friends from Glee are like family

Lea Michele also mentioned in an Access Hollywood interview [this post] that she was hoping to see her friend Amber Riley in Dream Girls in London, which she managed to do.

Got to see my girl @msamberpriley kill it tonight in Dreamgirls in London and she was so absolutely amazing! Love you Amber and so beyond proud of you! ❤️🙌🏻

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