Total Shocker: Everyone at The Blaze hated Tomi Lahren

In a follow-up to the post about The Blaze counter-suing their former tv personality Tomi Lahren, employees of the network spilled some more tea on her unbearable ass to the Daily Caller and she's even worse than the countersuit describes.

A summary:
-- She reveled in creating a hostile work environment. She treated everyone around her with disdain even tho she expected to be treated like royality.
-- Besides all the complaints noted in the countersuit, she demanded a "butt pad" be heated before every show.
-- She hated when other network personalities got more attention then her. She particularly hated Dana Loesch and would avoid her at all costs.
-- Most were rubbed the wrong way at her comparing Black Lives Matter to the KKK.
-- She cared more about the fact that people were talking about her then what they were actually saying.
-- Her show got no ratings and struggled to keep advertisers, as even they found her difficult to work with.
-- Her work ethic was shit. She refused to work morning hours and her ambition for fame was higher than her skill set (omg).
-- Sources say you never read any anon behind-the-scenes scoop of the network that spoke kindly of her because they dont exist.


are you unhirable, ontd? do all your co-workers hate you? discuss.