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Kelly Osbourne is disappointed to not be gay or have a gay sibling

From a recent interview with PrideSource...

On being totally connected to the LGBT community: "You know, I was so disappointed that I didn't have a gay sibling. I was disappointed that I wasn't gay even!"

Then again...: "You know my honest opinion? Everybody’s gay. It is a strictly human thing. You can’t put a gender on love... I’m open to loving anybody. It’s about the person. I don’t think it’s about sexuality at all."

On celebs who come out as gay for attention: "I'll tell you who's the worst with it: young female celebrities. And I'm like, I know you. I've known you pretty much since before you used to shit outside of a diaper. You are not gay!... I’ve marched till my feet bled for the right of equal love in the gay community, and you’re just gonna step in because it looks cool for you and now tell everybody that you’re a lesbian when you’ve never even seen another puss that’s not yours so you can get attention?"

read the full interview at the source

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