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The Chainsmokers' album ranked as worst release of 2017

With a critic score of 4.3 and a user score of 1.4, the Chainsmokers (a dj duo by the names of Alex and Andrew) have the lowest ranked album of 2017 with Ed Sheeran's Divide rounding in at 2nd place. The album is also second lowest rated by critics on the entire website as a whole.

"The Chainsmokers have one song, and if you don’t want to hear 12 versions of it, please do not un-click the latch holding this box closed." - Spin (Source)

"Taggart—who increasingly fancies himself a frontman—lacks the personality or uniqueness of voice to carry either tune. “I've been drunk three times this week,” he sings." - Slant (Source)

"Most songs here moan about brittle young relationships over the musical equivalent of bringing an amiable golden retriever along for an unhurried jog." - NYT (Source)

"This is Trump-pop: shallow, always betraying its influences, with a third-grade vocabulary and ambition that runs no further than emptying the nearest wallet." - The Guardian (Source)

The Chainsmoker's are currently #1 on the iTunes singles chart and their album Memories...Do Not Open is also #1 on the iTunes album charts.

Are y'all tired of the Chainsmokers yet?

Tags: fail, music / musician (electronic)
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