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Nathan Fielder invites Sean Spicer to 'Deny Nothing'

This week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, in continuing with the general theme of the administration, made some terribly egregious comments about Hitler and his use of chemical weapons. Comedian Nathan Fielder responded by sending the idiot a "Summit Ice" windbreaker.

What is Summit Ice? Summit Ice was part of a sketch from Nathan's Comedy Central show which lambasted a sportswear's company decision to honor a Holocaust denier in their company catalog. According to Summit Ice's website they are a 'a not-for-profit company dedicated to producing quality outdoor apparel and raising awareness of the Holocaust. Holocaust education is essential to prevent this catastrophic episode of history from repeating itself.'

Looks like the show is returning, at some point, with a special screening of the series in Chicago this summer. The last season ended in December of 2015 so it has been quite a while since there were new episodes. Many fans were hoping the T***p campaign was a fucked up, elaborate Nathan for You sketch but unfortunately that is not the case.

source: 1 2 3

Do you think an XL is big enough for all that bullshit Sean is full of?
Tags: comedy / comedian, politics, television - comedy central
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