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Shadowhunters Renewed for Season 3, Wins GLAAD Award for 'Outstanding Drama Series', Matt Takeover

Shadowhunters Renewed for Season 3

GLAAD Award for 'Outstanding Drama Series

shadowhunterstv So. Proud. We've won the @GLAAD Award for Outstanding Drama Series. Honored to be part of the LGBTQ media community. All the love to GLAAD and our fans. 💜#GLAADAwards

harryshumjr No face and duck face. @glaad awards @eskim0oo @matthewdaddario @shelbyrabara

Matthew Takeover Tuesday

Matthew was this week's Takeover Tuesday, where a cast member takes over the social media accounts for a day on set and off. He made pickles and talked a lot about plants, as per usual.

Facebook Live Summary

-Plant Chat: what it is to live life as a plant?
-Plants are green (sometimes)
-Is an eggplant really a plant? It isn’t an egg.
-Did some landscaping work in LA, shirtless, sweaty, digging holes – got a little bit tan.
-Talks about photosynthesis
-Malec in 2B: we’re going to be upset, then happy, then not know what’s going on
-Likes sloths, and finds sloth evolution “fascinating”
-Would turn into an elephant or humpback whale if he could polymorph into an animal
-Knows where Finland is
-Is going to pretend to be a plant all day in order to better understand plants, will make all the oxygen for us to breathe
-2B: see more Maia, lots of conflict in ‘new places’, “it’s a universal truth that people don’t being lied to, and torture is bad”
-All he wants to do is travel more and learn about plants
-Alec is “never going to get” romance really, even if he’ll try as he thinks he should
-Sebastian is a “delight”, he’s a “helpy helperton, a helpful guy”, “we learn a lot about him over the course of the season – he learns a lot about us too... he sure does.”

shadowhunterstv Matt Tuesday takeover announcement - @MatthewDaddario #MatthewTakeover

shadowhunterstv To the awesome person who made this and sent it to me, it lives in my trailer! - @MatthewDaddario #MatthewTakeover

Sources: SpoilerTV Twitter, GLAAD YT, Shadowhunters IG, Harry Shum Jr IG, Shadowhunters Twitter 1, 2, 3

Are you plantkin like Matt, ONTD Shadow Fam?

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Tags: lgbtq / rights, renewal, shadowhunters (freeform)
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