Katy Perry Shades Taylor in Vogue

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Katy Perry covers the May issue of Vogue. She is promoting her new single CTTR and is also a co-chair for the upcoming Met Gala. Her Vogue cover and interview has been released, and sis is woke plus throwing shade:

She was raised Evangelical Christian and once had to picket a Marilyn Manson concert as a kid:

“My house was church on Sunday morning, church on Sunday night, church on Wednesday evening; you don’t celebrate Halloween; Jesus gives you your Christmas presents; we watch Bill O’Reilly on TV. That was my whole childhood and youth and early teens."

She is still overthrowing her internal biases:

“The schools were really makeshift. Education was not the first priority. My education started in my 20s, and there is so much to learn still."

"[I was not] allowed to interact with gay people," and "there is some generational racism. But I came out of the womb asking questions, curious from day one, and I am really grateful for that: My curiosity has led me here. Anything I don’t understand, I will just ask questions about. I still have conditioned layers dropping off of me by the day.”

She wants to be woke:

“I don’t think you have to shout it from the rooftops but I think you have to stand for something, and if you’re not standing for anything, you’re really just serving yourself, period, end of story.... fluffy stuff would be completely inauthentic to who I am now and what I’ve learned...We need a little escapism, but I think that it can’t all be that. If you have a voice you have a responsibility to use it now, more than ever.”

She has been the victim of toxic men:

"I wouldn’t really stand for it in my work life, because I have had so much of that in my personal life."

On the election:

“I was really disheartened for a while; it just brought up a lot of trauma for me. Misogyny and sexism were in my childhood: I have an issue with suppressive males and not being seen as equal. I felt like a little kid again being faced with a scary, controlling guy."

Girls will save the world:

"But it’s an awakening that was necessary because I think we were in a false utopia . . . we can’t ever get that stagnant again. I am so grateful that young people know the names of senators. I think teenage girls are going to save the world! That age group just seems to be holding people accountable. They have a really strong voice—and a loud one.

Her dog is an anti-depressant: (So is my cat, tbh.)

"When I wake up, she’s the only serotonin I need.”

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Do u think Katy is authentically woke?

Full interview at the source.