Family and Friends: Heath Ledger "Unraveled" in Final Days

  • Heath Ledger, who died in 2008 of an accidental prescription drug overdose at 28, is described by friends and family in the new documentary I Am Heath as a talented, sensitive man. The documentary will contain interviews with those who knew Ledger, along with Heath's own home movies.

  • Heath was warned by family and friends against mixing sleeping pills and prescription drugs in order to sleep. He was plagued by an illness he couldn't shake and personal problems in the days before his death and wasn't getting proper rest.

  • Coworkers and loved ones say he "unraveled" in his final days due to work and personal pressures. He is described as "exhausted, emotionally and physically" and "desperately unhappy, desperately sad."

  • Also cited as a major factor of his troubles was his relationship problems with then-estranged girlfriend Michelle Williams, the mother of his then-two year old daughter Matilda. Mia Doi Todd, a friend of Heath's, cites Heath feeling pressure to be a "perfect husband and father" for Michelle and Matilda. Gerry Grennell, another friend, said Heath "missed his girl, missed his daughter." On the family end, Heath's family said they loved Michelle as much as Heath did, and he was "smitten" with her and Matilda. Williams declined to be interviewed for the documentary.

  • Another friend said Heath felt he didn't have long to live and strived to accomplish as much as possible.

  • Heath's sister considers now 11 year old Matilda to be Heath's greatest achievement and legacy, and she reminds the family of Heath, the girl picking up skateboarding like her father. The Ledger family says the documentary is a gift for Matilda.

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I Am Heath Ledger will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month before having its broadcast premiere on Spike in May.

This is going to be heartbreaking. However, I'm kind of not liking the vibe of some of Heath's friends regarding Michelle Williams. She isn't obligated to defend herself and her relationship with Heath, so I hope those parts are out of context and they're not blaming her for his deterioration.