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Harry Styles' debut single "Sign of the TimezzZzZz" Struggling on iTunes/Spotify

-Spotify had a glitch last Friday that delayed Harry's debut single from being streamed.
-The streaming giant has not yet commented on it [but clearly stan another One Direction member].
-The single struggles at no. 11 in Australia with around 116,000 streams daily.
-Fellow ugly Ed Sheeran is going to block him on next weeks ARIA chart because the 4-month-old song "Shape of You" is outperforming it with 186,000 streams daily.
-Meanwhile in the US the song is performing like past One Direction singles - strong debut at #1 because of stans and then free falling on the iTunes chart because the GP ain't here for it. Being Taylor Swift's muse and ex 3 relationships ago can only do so much for your solo career.
-From #1 to number #7 as of this posting and falling (US iTunes).
-Harry is set to debut a second song on SNL this weekend. Can these live performances turn around the song's chart success?

ONTD, is your debut single struggling on the charts?

Sources: My iPhone & here.
Tags: fail, music / musician (alternative and indie), one direction, one hit wonder

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