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Not Since Carrie: Charlie On Broadway is a Flop

The West End transfer (which played for four years despite mixed reviews) of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical, directed by Jack O'Brien (Paint Never Dries Love Never Dies) will open on Broadway on 23 April 2017 at the the Lunt-Fontanne Theater (plagued with a history of more-flops-than-not from ca. 2007 on-wards like The Little Mermaid, The Addams Family and Finding Neverland). The first look of the show has arrived (photos by Sara Krulwich):

PicsCollapse )

Previews are currently underway and so far, while the West End version was far from perfect, the majority of audiences are NOT happy with the changes from London to Broadway, especially O'Brien's decision to sacrifice the original lavish sets for minimalism, taking the concept of 'pure imagination' a little too literally (he says of this: ''The London vision might have been more literal. I like looking at things like color or design or imagination or proportion from Charlie's position.''), Americanizing the setting, updating the period to the digital age with unnecessary references to Drumpf, and casting adults in the roles of Augustus, Veruca, Violet and Mike (there's an unpopular reason for this); only Charlie is played by an actual child - well, like the far superior Matilda, actually by three children (Jake Ryan Flynn, Ryan Foust, and Ryan Sell).

A few snippets of those previews insider reports below (obviously, lots of SPOILERS!):

Strike that, reverse itCollapse )

More at the Source below. Additional shots of CHARLIE AND THE NO SET FACTORY from previews can be found on Instagram. The rest of the text is my own.

Seriously, where's Dennis Kelly and Tim Minchin (edit: whoops, forgot: Groundhog Day) to make this better?

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