I.D. Concludes "Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery"

Tonight's episode concludes Investigation Discovery's 3-part series on the Casey Anthony case.

She was found not guilty, but you already knew that. The episode showed the aftermath of the trial and subsequent events like how she was fucking her attorney to pay off her debt.

Here are 2 times her story did not make sense:

1. After Casey left her parent's home, her mother and father did not see Casey or Caylee for the next 31 days. When asked by her parents, Casey said she was on a work detail (lie, she was unemployed).

Her father George got a notice to pick up Casey’s car from an impound lot, and noted that it smelled like a decomposing body.

Her mother, Cindy is the one who called to report Caylee missing. Casey immediately claimed she was adducted and just spoke to her saying:

“She was excited to talk to me. She said, ‘Hi, mommy!’… Today was the first time I have heard her voice in over four weeks. After 31 days, I know that all that matters is getting my daughter back.”

Caylee had already been dead for 4 weeks, something the defense conceded to be true.

2. Casey claimed to have worked at Universal Studios as an event planner.

While she was employed there for some time, she had not worked there for years.

She made up coworkers and relationships. At one point, officers accompanied her to the studio to see her office. Casey led them on around on a walk for a while before finally breaking down and admitting she did not work there.