The View chats with the Kelly Rowland and brings on Bill Nye

Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Jedediah Bila and Whoopi Goldberg
Today's 🔥 topics:
The View chats with the married Kelly Rowland and chats about motherhood and her circle of woman supporting her. Sunny asks about how will she handle the talk about racial profiling with her son Titan. Kelly wants to be honest and forthcoming with her son. Kelly wants women to say that "we are not playing." She is on the View to talk about her new book, "Whoa Baby!" She also talks about her 5th album on the way.

Bill Nye joins the panel to talk about his new show, "Bill Nye Saves The World." Bill wants us to focus our energies on getting to Mars.

To round up the show, the panel handle what would happen if they caught their friend's significant other cheating (varying opinions from all of them; Jed wants you to inform her; Joy wants to send an anonymous note). Next topic, a partner is more likely to divorce if their other partner is older. So essentially, The View is sending messages to Jed about her relationship with her significant other who is 13 years younger than her. The panel brings up an Illinois high school that uses a lottery system for prom. Some oppose because it slightly ruins the night. Jed and Whoopi chime in on how they did not attend prom.

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