Episode Still for Riverdale 1x11 "To Riverdale and Back Again"


Betty's stressed the hell out because she seems to be in charge of both Homecoming and Reunion weekend (even though she's just a sophomore, but Riverdale High is weird as fuck). Her mom also wants her to help with the Jason Blossom investigation. When her own daughter turns her down, Alice asks Archie and Veronica to help (lol, good luck with that), but then Betty is pissed off when she finds out.

Meanwhile, Jughead considers giving his dad a second chance because he actually seems to be cleaning up his act. Cheryl and Polly go to Homecoming in Jason's honor (together???) until some twist ruins that. Fred reconsiders finalizing his divorce as he relives his high school days with Molly Ringwald.

The episode won't air until APRIL 27 AKA TWO WEEKS FROM NOW


Also, the writers have officially started writing for season 2! But keep in mind, that the writers strike is supposed to start in early May so uh, get ready for a rough season

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Jughead's prob freaking out because he saw the AU adult version of him rapping to "Sugar, Sugar"