jamesir bensonmum (stillglows) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
jamesir bensonmum

Jian Ghomeshi returns with a podcast, Twitter comes for him

- former CBC golden boy Jian Ghomeshi is back with a podcast called "The Ideation Project."
- The project website describes it as a "creative adventure with the aim of taking a bigger picture view on newsworthy issues and culture." The site says Ghomeshi is responsible for the words, original music, recording and production associated with the project.
- Ghomeshi speaks about globalization and multiculturalism in the rhyme-filled monologue, which is accompanied by up-tempo background music.
- Ghomeshi tweeted about the podcast early this morning and the internet came for him.
- Ghomeshi was fired in 2014 due to sexually assaulting several women. He was aquitted of all charges in 2016. In a seperate trial he apologized to a former coworker and charges were dropped.

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i'd rather have my ears dug out with a dull spoon than have to listen to him.
Tags: canadian celebrities

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