The author of "Thirteen Reasons Why" defends the show's graphic scenes

Jay Asher, the author of Thirteen Reasons Why, talked to Buzzfeed News in defense of the tv show's "raw and graphic" rape/suicide scenes: "It's uncomfortable, but that's OK. It needs to be... Some people said it was too graphic, but it's a graphic thing. It's like they're saying it's never appropriate to show it. And then if you're saying it's never appropriate to show it, then you're saying it's something to be hidden. If we're doing this, it can't be something that you can look away from or just gloss over in your mind. You have to be uncomfortable when you're watching it; otherwise you're not in her mind. In a way, it's disrespectful if we say, 'We know this stuff is happening, but we don't want to be made uncomfortable by it.'"

read the rest at the source (obvious tw based on the tweet)

ontd are you tired of men defending graphic rape scenes in the name of authenticity?