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Pamela Anderson out in London

· Attended the London launch party for her (? I think) Coco de Mer lingerie line wearing D&G
· Still campaigns on behalf of animal rights w/PETA, recently promising Ireland's PM Taoiseach Enda Kenny that she'd take him out for a pint of Guinness if he supports Ireland's proposed animal circus ban. The PM said he would
· Pam is allegedly dating Julian Assange, whom she called sexy in an open letter to him, published on her website. In the letter she says she believes Assange is innocent re: 2010 rape allegations and that she's now an advocate for men who have been falsely accused of sex crimes
· Posted this note on her website about where she condemns "locker room talk" and says she's an advocate of zero population control

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I meant for this post to just be a plain ol walking post... what a fucking ride. I don't even know the most bizarre part of everything I just learned. Did y'all know Julian & Pam were a thing?
Tags: candids, models, nostalgia, politics

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