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BTS of Little Mix's "No More Sad Songs" + the girls talk about first kisses etc.

includes a spider nipple tattoo courtesy of Machine Gun Kelly. You've been warned

Some interview game

Jade and Jesy were 12 when their first kisses happened, Perrie and Leigh-Anne were 15.

Jesy's first kiss was awful because she didn't want to do it.

Leigh-Anne's first kiss was near perfect, in fact the only thing she regrets about it is who it was with.

(Fun fact- not from this video: Jade and Perrie are from the same town in the north of England and both of them had their first kiss with a guy called Connor ******** but it turned out to be two different guys with the same name)

Jade's 19th birthday was 2 weeks after they won the X-factor. Loads of people came just to take a photo with her and leave. Perrie was one of those who stayed. That's when they planned to move in together in London and did so later on.

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