Time for a Christina Aguilera Post

Taylor Swift may be causing confusion and curiosity over her absence, but Christina Aguilera is the blonde pop star we actually miss!

From announcing her latest fragrance on the 10th anniversary of her very first one, gracing the cast of Zoot Suit with her presence, virtually being a part of Ricky Martin's world tour, to rocking a $1055 white t-shirt... let's take a look at Ha Majesty's latest shenanigans;

• Humbly thanks us for all of our support (yw, boo)
• Her fragrances are "for women who are proud to be women, love to feel sexy and confident - both inside and out"
• Announces creation Glam X; scent is luxurious and tantalizing
• Wants to capture the allure of sweetness and femininity in one exotic blend

Backstage at the "Zoot Suit" Show (April 1)

Christina recorded new visuals for Ricky Martin's tour in "Nobody Wants To Be Lonely" backdrop

🦄 Wearing Valentino White T with Studs ($1055)

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