Larry the Cable Guy comes for Tina Fey over her comments on white women who voted for Trump

You may have seen the post over the weekend where Tina Fey slammed white college-educated women who decided to vote for Trump. Apparently this morning a Fox News radio station decided to randomly call up Larry the Cable Guy and ask his opinion on the matter because reasons. Larry pointed out that he thinks Tina is probably a "nice lady" and then went off.

"She is a piece of crap, let me just say. Nothing is going to affect her. Tina Fey's got millions of dollars, so no matter what decision Tina Fey makes votingwise, what is it going to affect her? ... She can quit working now, and off the money she has made, she is going to be generating about $1.4, $1.5 million a year sitting on her ass," he stated. "So she is telling all these other people that are going out there and working 9 to 5, got four kids, they still have to go out there and work, and then they have to come home and do their house work. She is trying to tell these ladies that they're stupid? Really?"

Larry, who is a known supporter of Trump, continued to ramble on air for eight minutes and randomly brought drywall into the conversation for some reason.

"It's easy for Tina Fey and somebody to ridicule somebody when everybody else is drywalling, and the hardest decision [she has] to make in [her] day is what kind of cheese spread do [she wants] from the deli tray when [she's] on a 15 minute break from filming whatever [she's] filming... The guy won, regardless of what you think of him."

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Do you think having four kids automatically make you smarter than the ~Hollywood elite~ ?