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The Expanse 2X11 pics and sneak peek, plus roundup

Synopsis at the link: [Spoiler (click to open)]'Bobbie makes a decision that changes her life forever.'

Inside the Expanse 2X10


[Spoiler (click to open)]
* It usually takes Amos a long time to connect with someone, but he connects with Prax right away, because he admires his mission to find his missing girl; Prax's connection to kids and wanting to protect them is the quickest way to Amos. Amos' worst fear is to become the people that abused him when he was younger and he can so easily become that guy. This is the first time that Amos is violent and attacks someone with real emotion and anger, rater than functional, taking care of a threat that made sense.

* They wanted viewers to see a very overstressed, overpacked Earth through Bobbie's eyes, a moment where she really sees Earth for the first time. and it's more complicated than she was prepared for. She craves the nature side of Earth, but the beach they shot at was dirty and smelled. because of the algae.

Syfy Wire's Cher Martinetti and Adam Swiderski join producers/universe creators Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham and discuss 2X10 (featuring special guest star Shawn Doyle who plays Errinwright)

Highlights from the podcast:

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* Errinwright finally realized all his moves weren't getting him anywhere, so he needs an ally. Errinwright is looking down the road at history and seeing his empire's fate, this is their last chance to get into a war with Mars and win. He's been given the chance at a magic technology to ensure that and it's blown up in his face. Everything he's doing is from an almost altruistic motive, it's more about keeping Earth safe than saving his own hide, but he got way in over his head. Errinwright has been betrayed by Mao, he's very scared and is trying to rectify the situation. Errinwright is playing for time, he doesn't see a solution yet to the problem of Mao, proto-molecule and Mars- if he goes down for Eros, he won't be able to solve it, so he's buying time to figure it out. He's pleading with her to understand what he's doing and give him some time, which she does give him. Avasarala is both a mentor and a friend, but given their positions, he has power over her, the complexity of that fuels their dynamic and Errinwright's decisions, what it'll do to that relationship both politically and personally. Something now happens personally between Errinwright and Avasarala and the story becomes much more personal in how all this evolves, it's not just politics or what happens to Earth.

* Everyone was so in love with what Shawn does, they looked for more excuses to show Errinwright scenes in S2, they love his story arc for S2 and found it the most interesting, they're excited to get to see the rest of his story in S3- that's when you have the climax of his story. Ty and Daniel's love and care for the story, the amount of attention they give to it is refreshing and impressive and inspires Shawn to commit 100%. Shohreh is a force of nature and you just try to keep up. Sometimes they have in depth discussions about their scenes, they have a great time together and she has a crazy sense of humor. . It was important that Errinwright be in the background for the first season, from a story telling perspective, which was interesting for him to play him and try and make him come alive while in the background. He tries not to play Errinwright as a mustache twirling villain. Only podcast listeners will understand this bit: In the last episode of the season Errinwright is shirtless, so Adam can check how his abs compare to Steven's. Adam's ongoing compilation of the perfect man: Steven Strait's abs, Terry Chen's soulful eyes and Errinwright's impressive hair.

* Bobbie is unmoored- she had an identity and a role and that's gone now and died on Ganymede. Who she is now is up for grabs, a sense of not knowing how she fits into things and figure out what the rules are for her now. She's processing PTSD while all the people around her who should be helping her are manipulating and gaslighting her and trying to get her to do things she knows aren't right. There's a drone flying in her outside scene reading an ad about getting people on basics, the people there were unregistered births and the government doesn't know they exist (which is how Amos grew up). There has to be some reason why those people rather live the way they do than register with the government to get on basic. Basic is not money, it's services, it's not a pleasant way to live. Nobody has to be homeless, but they don't get autonomy to decide where and how to live. There's a lot of precedent in history of government sacrificing its soldiers, experimenting on who they're meant to represent and care for. Bobbie is facing a situation a lot of people faced before, who she's loyal isn't necessarily who she thought they were.

* They don't feel they were being subtle with Amos' backstory, during his talk with Prax. They even referenced Amos' backstory in S1 in the bar scene with Alex. There's a reason why his childhood is so terrible he became Amos. There's a difference between his violence as a means to an end and the chicken can scene. Amos' nickname on Twitter is MurderSnuggles and Wes is aware of it. There's nobody funnier on set than Wes, especially him imitating someone else talking.

* They love Naomi's line of 'every shitty thing you do makes the next shitty thing easier'- it's the line of the hour, we're the good guys now how long do we keep being the good guys. Holden has the longest story arc so his changes are the most subtle, he plays that he's ok, but Eros has broken him, the proto-molecule has become his white whale and anything he does to accomplish that goal is justified, he's becoming more like Miller. He killed those doctors without borders ship in 2X05 to make sure the proto-molecule dies with Eros, if there's more proto-molecule out there and not all destroyed, then killing them was just murder, in Holden's mind, so he has to destroy it all so that action remains justified.

The Science and Entertainment Exchange, which is part of the National Academy of Sciences, recently hosted a panel with real life scientists - as well as the cast and producers of the Expanse - to highlight the real life science the show features. I didn't get a chance to watch it for highlights.

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Ratings back up to 0.2 after 2 weeks at 0.1. The Expanse airs Wednesdays at 10/9C on the SyFy channel.
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