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ScarJo: "I would never attempt to play a person of a different race, obviously."

- "But I thought, gosh, it's really hard to turn down the opportunity to be front and center for something that has such a built-in fanbase that's like, so dedicated and totally obsessed."

- "And also, you know, to be able to have the studio back something like this," Johansson said, "as an actor ... as a woman, it's rare. I hope it's not always so rare, but it is."

- "I think this character is living a very unique experience, in that she is human brain in an entirely machinate body. She's essentially identityless.

- "I thought to myself ... I can play this character," Johansson added. "I would never attempt to play a person of a different race, obviously."

- "Any question of my casting will hopefully be answered by, you know, by audiences when they see the film," the actress said.

- Johansson, who has recently made headlines for being politically vocal, told Strahan that she would not rule out working in politics in the future.

- "I'm not afraid to say what I feel is right, just because I think that I'm going to face criticism, or some people might not like me," she said. "If fighting, you know, for women's rights, for women's reproductive rights, and you know, in support of Planned Parenthood, if that's going to, you know, mean that some people don't want to buy a ticket to see, 'Ghost in a Shell' then ... I'm OK with that."

+ Ghost In The Shell reviews

"If the "ghost" of anime classic Ghost in the Shell refers to the soul looming inside of its killer female cyborg, then this live-action reboot from director Rupert Sanders really only leaves us the shell: a heavily computer-generated enterprise with more body than brains, more visuals than ideas, as if the original movie’s hard drive had been wiped clean of all that was dark, poetic and mystifying."

So heavily derivative it doesn’t feel like anything new, and there’s little depth beneath that slick surface. But it’s solid and attractive, at least, with a retro appeal to its cyberpunk stylings.

After most of the movie’s runtime has been devoted to visual spectacle in lieu of any deeper philosophizing, this addition lands with a clunk, offering far too little and too late to explain why this Frankenstein monster of a remake exists in the first place. Sanders’s efforts to balance a certain faithfulness to the original with a degree of innovation never quite add up. To new viewers, Ghost in the Shell will likely come across as an incoherent work of forgettable sci-fi; to existing fans, it could range anywhere from baffling to offensive.

Brought to you by these SOURCES: ABCnews.go.com, rottentomatoes.com, TheAtlantic, EmpireMagazine, TheHollywoodReporter
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